Hotel Property Award 2024

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Hotel Property Award 2024!

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14-15 April 2024

Hotel Designaward

Hotel Property Award Ceremony


Hotel Property Award Ceremony


Congratulation to last year's winner:
Falkensteiner Hotel Montafon, Montafon, Austria

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about the award

Hotel Property Award 2024

Welcome to the Hotel Property Award 2024, which regards a homogeneous combination of all the individual aspects that form a winning and ultimately economically successful hotel concept. This award celebrates the most prosperous hotel openings across Europe, recognizing architecture & design, innovation, financial aspects, and the ultimate guest experience.


What is this Award about?

The annual industry award “Hotel Property Award” targets hotels that were completed and opened in Europe within the last one and a half years before the 196+ forum Munich. The prize goes to a hotel which stands out from among its competitors in terms of architecture & design, innovation, and economic success.


What makes our Award special?

The Hotel Property Award is not just an award - it's a testimony for outstanding implementation of hospitality projects and successful hotel concepts. With an interdisciplinary jury comprising of industry experts, the award highlights hotels that seamlessly blend design with functionality and investment with profitability, setting new standards in the hotel industry.


Why should you apply?

Seize the opportunity for industry-wide recognition and publicity by showcasing your hotel's successful opening at the
196+ forum Munich. Elevate your hotel's visibility on this prestigious platform and connect with top industry leaders, architects, and designers.


Don’t miss our live event in October 2024!

Experience the highlights of hospitality concepts at our live 196+ forum Munich in October 2024. Our nominees will each receive a complimentary ticket to join us for a full day of information, inspiration, networking, and celebration of hospitality excellence. Reserve your spot now and be part of this exclusive industry gathering!

Application Process

How to enter the award?



Eligibility Check

Ensure your hotel meets the criteria: (re-)opened in Europe within the last 18 months before the 196+ forum.


the process

Prepare Your Application

Gather details of your successful and innovative concepts, financial input, architectural highlights and guest experience features.
Not sure what you need to prepare? Download here the application questions in an open document for your convenience. For the german version please
download it here.
Once your application is completed and submitted within the respective timeframe, our Jury will evaluate each application and discuss the selected nominees in detail, to determine the finalists and select the winner.


The Criteria

Jury evaluation process

The decision of the jury will be primarily influenced by a number of different, non-exclusive criteria with regards to the overall concept and economical success:
- the originality of the accommodation concept
- architectural quality  
- integration into the project's surroundings
- interior design
- innovation
- operation & technology
- profitability
From amongst the nominees, the three finalists will then be elected and the winner will be chosen.

Please note that we will treat your application highly confidential and the financial figures will only be visible to 2 members of the jury.


Get rewarded

Submit Your Application

All nominees will receive a complimentary ticket to the
196+ forum Munich and a framed certificate of appreciation. The three finalists will be announced during the 196+ forum Munich, and the winner will be awarded during a special festive award ceremony.
In addition, each participant will benefit from our extensive marketing & PR material.



Participation Fee

We charge a nominal fee of
149 € (net, plus VAT) for participating in the competition for the Hotel Property Award. The amount is due with the final submission of the application and will be invoiced separately after the submission deadline.


last year'S


last year

Expert Jury

Gain recognition from a panel of esteemed industry experts. Your property will be showcased and evaluated by top professionals, offering valuable and insightful feedback.

We understand that sharing financial figures is highly sensitive - we assure you that we treat your application strictly confidential and only 2 members of the jury have access to the financial figures for evaluation.

International Audience

Expose your hotel concept to a wide, international audience. This opportunity broadens your global reach, enhancing your hotel's visibility and appeal across diverse markets. We will give your newly opened property that extra spotlight.

Public Award Ceremony

Celebrate your property's successful opening at a high-profile public award ceremony during 196+ forum Munich. This event not only provides significant exposure but also highlights your achievement in the global hotel industry.

Still not convinced?

Put the spotlight on your outstanding hotel concept and benefit from our 196+ events publicity!






Got questions about the Hotel Property Award?
We've got answers! Browse through our FAQ section to find key information about participation, fee and the event itself.

What is the Participation Fee for the Hotel Property Award?

How is the Winner of the Hotel Property Award Chosen?

When and Where Will the Award Ceremony Take Place?

Apply now for the
Hotel Property Award 2024

Don't miss this opportunity to showcase your successful hotel (re-)opening on an esteemed international platform.
Apply now and be a part of the prestigious Hotel Property Award 2024.